Xinbao (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in the 20th century and has a history of many years. Kenny Tse is the founder of the Hong Kong brand. Although you are an upstart, he is very respected in the local area. In May 1975, the British Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the city of Hong Kong for the first time. The Hong Kong Jockey Club founded the Queen's Cup to celebrate this. In October 1987, Queen Elizabeth visited Hong Kong for the second time and again Personally award the Queen Cup. The event was held in the Sha Tin venue; brand founder Kenny Tse was at the moment participating in the event with his family. During the event, he was hurriedly rubbing shoulders with a woman. The wine in her hand was dumped and Kenny Tse ran away. Ms. Zhang Bao'er who loved this life; in the same year, the two formed a friendship. To commemorate this period of love, Kenny Tse created the Xinbao Hong Kong brand for his baby.



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