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Pay Per Click has the power to vastly improve the levels of relevant traffic hitting your website, I can help create highly effective PPC campaigns.

I am a professional PPC consultant and my services are aimed at small to medium sized businesses and individuals throughout the UK. I have been working within the web industry since 1999 and providing professional PPC consultancy services for since 2005.

PPC Consultant in Derby

PPC Specialist in Derby

Pay Per Click advertising can be one of the most effective digital marketing techniques, it gives advertisers the opportunity to show their products and services to a huge number of search engine users. They have the ability to drive large amounts of highly targeted traffic to your website for people who are already searching for what you are offering.

PPC Consultant Andy Morley

How Can Pay Per CLIck Help?

As your PPC consultant I can help you make the most out of your pay per click marketing, there are many advantages a pay-per-click campaign can bring for new or existing businesses, here are a few:

  • Quick Results –?Once a campaign has been started, your ads will usually start appearing within 30mins.
  • Targeted Traffic –?Greater control of who sees your adverts, demographically targeted campaigns coupled with highly targeted keywords.
  • Geographic Campaigns –?Ideal for businesses looking for customers within a specific geographical location, based around your post code.
  • Measurable – PPC campaigns provide huge amounts of data to help manage your campaign and optimise the effectivness. With a wide range of KPI’s and performance metrics providing you with the information you need to continually improve your marketing.
  • Scaleable – You can start off with a small marketing budget and once the campaigns are optimised and driving highly targeted leads and sales you can increase your budget to reach more potential customers.


Google’s sponsored ads (AdWords) usually appear above or below the natural organic results. These are paid-for, PPC adverts and can be highly effective in driving quick relevant traffic through to your website.

Every time one of these adverts are clicked there is a small fee to pay the search engine. How much you pay is known as the cost-per-click value (CPC).

Different PPC PLatforms...

GooGle Ads

Bing Ads



Google Adwords Consultant Derby

4 Main Campaign Types

Search Ads

These are the most common campaign type and rely on keyword lists to trigger you adverts.

Ads are triggered when a user searches one of your targeted keywords.

Adverts primarily appear within the Google search results at the top and bottom of the screen.

Shopping Ads

Specifically for ecommerce businesses wishing to display their products within the Google Shopping results.

They are highly effective at driving sales for the products you sell.?

Google Shopping usually drives 70%-90% of all revenue? for my ecommerce clients.

Display Ads

Display Ads or Banner Ads are graphical banners which appear on related websites.

A banner is shown to their audience to help

Users can then click these banners to find out further information.

Video Ads

Short video adverts placed on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

Can be highly effective in boosting brand awareness and adding an element of professionalism to your business.

Reach YouTube’s audience with Google Video Ads.


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Industry Expert

I built my first website in 1999 and been working in web agencies since 2004. I have many years of experience in SEO, PPC and Web Design.

3 Month Trial Period

Unlike most agencies you may have spoken to I provide an initial 3 month trial period for SEO and PPC, following this period we will sit down and review the performance and your business goals.?


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