Technical SEO Services

What is technical SEO? Essentially any elements of how your website functions or has been put together form part of Technical SEO, it is important to get these technical elements right as they form the foundations of your website and any successful SEO campaign.

Technical SEO is one of the main areas of my expertise, I have been building and creating websites with SEO in mind for many years and understand what the search engines look for with how your site is constructed.

Further information on specific areas I look at is below.

What's Involved with TECHNICAL SEO?

Site Load Speeds

Mobile SEO & Responsive Design

Crawl Error Fixes & Monitoring

301 Redirects

Hosting & Server

Image Optimisations

Implementation of Schema MArkup


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Industry Expert

I built my first website in 1999 and been working in web agencies since 2004. I have many years of experience in SEO, PPC and Web Design.

3 Month Trial Period

Unlike most agencies you may have spoken to I provide an initial 3 month trial period for SEO and PPC, following this period we will sit down and review the performance and your business goals.?


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